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Our relationship with infants at Journey Durack

Our relationships with infants are respectful and responsive. We will spend as much time as is needed for the infants to feel safe, secure and settled. Secure respectful attachments with infants are integral to building relationships with the infants in our care, and to us there is nothing more important.

Once your infant feels safe with one educator, they will feel confident and secure enough to explore and build connections with our centre and other children. This will allow them to feel as though they belong, which is our goal.

Forming strong attachments with the children and supporting responsive care experiences are the two most important aspects of everyday learning in the Nursery rooms.

We understand that building a secure attachment with children is imperative to development. Strong attachments will allow our infants to feel a sense of safety and security during their time with us. We recognise that when infants feel safe, only then will they will feel confident to explore their learning environments, to make choices, to be involved or play alone, and to seek new connections.

Care experiences a valuable time of learning and connection for infants. During care experiences we need to encourage even the tiniest infant to become an active participant rather than a passive recipient, of the experiences and learning that happens during transition times. We will plan around all care experiences for infants, with different intentions in mind.

These types of experiences are (but not limited to); spending one-on-one time with your infant, speaking to them, comforting them, supporting them during meals, nappy changes and sleep times. Spending time ensuring infants feel safe and secure between care practices is critical and conductive to the development of infants.

We include care practices as learning experiences, such as infants holding spoons or feeding themselves, cleaning their own faces, washing hands, exploring sensory learning, allowing them to choose and freely move between indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing infants to have preference over their own choices.

We also include our connections to families – Spending time with parents at drop off and forming a partnership with families is also included in care experiences.

Our Learning environments for our infants are respectful, soft and calm places. We provide a variety of different textures, levels, and sensory items for even the youngest children to explore and touch. You will see we limit anything that limits the free movement of infants – no bouncers, no highchairs, no rockers, nothing that would disrespectfully limit their desire to move or learn, freely. Our Nursery rooms are safe spaces that infants can move freely with minimal (or no) intervention from our educators.

Planned spaces & materials provide opportunity to naturally initiate, explore and learn about their space themselves, in their own time. The materials within the space are defined by the infants who use it. Our materials and resources are open ended; therefore, their use is only limited by the infants use of it. Where possible we source second hand, items found within the home, Australian produced, and non-plastic materials.

By providing an environment for learning, we are better able to observe their competence and teach less – just as Magda Gerber tells us.

Journey Early Learning Durack Nursery Early Learning Approach, in relation to children and everyday learning and care practices.

Written by Jo Fletcher