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Learn about our preschool program

The preschool program ensures that children have the necessary skills and love of learning to begin formal schooling. Our preschool program is based on the skills and attitudes children need to be successful in the first year of school, academically and socially. Our preschool will include lessons around literacy, numeracy, and social learning. What we teach the preschool children is planned with the shared goals we have developed for the individual children in collaboration with our parents. All preschool parents kindly share their goals and expectations for their children with us by completing their ‘About Us’ forms and are available on your child individual portfolio’s on StoryPark.

We use play based learning and intentional teaching strategies which are based around the areas of learning most important for preschool aged children. This is to ensure they have the best possible start when they begin Primary schooling. These plans are designed and built upon each other, so skill progression and ideas occur naturally and in line with developmental milestones.

Through the year our lesson plans will be implemented through both small and whole group times, as well as individually with your child depending on the content. Our structured group times are designed to meet all children’s learning and development needs and include times for active movement and more formal based group learning. We will develop a mixed method focusing on STEM, (Science, Technology, English and Maths).

A day plan for these includes lessons broken into 10-15 minutes throughout the day at least four times a day. Each morning before morning tea we will focus on literacy, such as pre-writing, and story times with a focus book and lessons. Then before lunch we will focus on numeracy group times, with Science and Technology happening throughout the day using our environments and resources to support the children’s learning through play and exploration. All of these intentional aspects of our plan come with social and emotional learning opportunities which are continually happening throughout your child’s time with us.

These lessons are fun, engaging and include discussions, songs, art and movement to make learning engaging and meaningful to children. The lessons are linked to Early Years Learning Framework and connected to further learning in the Australia Curriculum standards which guide Australian primary education.

Each family will receive quarterly assessments called “Learning Stories” which is a summary of your child’s learning and development. The Learning Stories will be uploaded to Story Park along with their monthly observations, as well as displayed in the Kindy room for the children to view.

Later in the year we will focus on “School readiness” with a goal of helping your child prepare for school in multiple, meaningful ways, that are appropriate to their age and developmental level. This will include big and small steps, such as responsibility of their own self, including their belongings, learning how to open lunch boxes and food items, and becoming more aware of school routines. We will include familiarising children with school through pictures, listening to bell sounds, and talking more about the school environment, different culture and their place in the Palmerston and school communities.

At the end of the year we will prepare transition statements that every family will receive, which will support the transition of our children from a day care space to a school space. Transition statement outline the child’s individual development and their learning achievements, skills and how all teachers can support your child as an individual which will allow a successful beginning into school.

You can find a copy of our Preschool plan in the Curriculum Area, and Zoey is available for one on one meetings with families which can be arranged by contacting the centre. These sessions allow for greater explanation into preschool and school readiness ideas and what this looks like for your child, while giving you the opportunity to discuss your child’s or families individual needs.

We want to support your child’s lifelong love of learning and we recognise that we can do that best with your help, so please let us know how we can support your family best!