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Durack Traditions and Rituals

When you think of tradition, what do you see? For me, I think of connecting with family & friends, coming together to celebrate the spirit of togetherness. I remember my Nan’s secret roast lamb family recipe, shared only for Easter, passed down from generation to generation, I laugh at games of beach cricket where no one was really keeping score, I feel the anticipation every Christmas Eve, driving around with my brothers and parents seeing all the different houses decorated with Christmas lights.

All families have old or new traditions, and at Journey Early Learning Durack, the traditions we share with our children & families during their time with us have a special place in all of our hearts. We have purpose behind every single fun ‘special event days’ and an even stronger intention as to why we maintain them.

Some of the more visual traditions we do are:

  • our spooky haunted house at Halloween

  • taking trips to spend time at the lake

  • Christmas lunch with the children at Christmas week

  • learning about our first people during NAIDOC Week

  • dressing like Pirates on Talk like a Pirate Day

  • dancing in the first down-pour rain of the wet-season

  • participating in a Durack style welcome to country

  • taking the time to set up elaborate and amazing play provocations for the children to explore and discuss.

Each ritual and tradition are uniquely important to us - they all lend spirit that nurtures a connection between our children, our families, and each other. For all of us, it helps bring our Durack family a sense of belonging that makes us different. Our traditions help us shape and share our story.

Our rituals and traditions reflect our diversity here at Durack. It’s important to us that we are not only honouring the traditions of our community brings, but that we expose the children to new and different traditions and perspectives. The Northern Territory is a melting pot when it comes to our community, and the people who live here have a richness and a sense of pride in that which we aim to reflect in our traditions.

Our service reflects many different ways of knowing and being, so we are fortunate that we can create our own identity, while honouring the connection it brings. We also practice the Journey Values of Connection, Communication & Consideration, and our own Durack Philosophy.

Children look forward to the excitement that comes with our Traditions. We believe our children will remember the warmth and positivity these rituals had for them during their time with us.

Our educator team would be really interested to find our what traditions or rituals you have with your family – please let us know on Story Park or at the centre!

-Jo Fletcher